Webcam "Oops"

So I'm surfing the live member webcams at Adult FriendFinder and come across this sweet and innocent looking lady in a nice, feminine summer dress. Cute, right?
All of a sudden, those straps are falling off of her shoulders as she types. Uh oh.
Next thing we know, we have a bit of a wardrobe malfunction. You think she knew she was experiencing a bit of a nip slip?
At this point, I'm pretty sure she was well aware of what she was doing, and she was certainly aware that hundreds of guys, couples, and other women were watching her!
Now here's the best part. On her AFF profile, she is listed as a Female. Yeah, I know we can all see that. What I mean is, she is NOT playing as a part of a couple. That's not unusual. There are a lot of single females at Adult FriendFinder. However, they aren't usually wearing a wedding ring! Look closely at her hand as she fondles her breast.

The quality is poor, so you can just barely make out that ring on her left hand, but in "real time" there was no doubt about it.

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Wife poses for sexy pictures in front of two webcams at once

So a few mornings ago I am checking out Adult FriendFinder, seeing what there is to see, when I come across this redhead, getting tied into some sexy lingerie. You can see the head of the person helping her down in the lower right corner. OK, I think, let's see where this goes. Since, I'm impatient, I click away, seeing what else there is before I cycle back to to see how this scene develops. While I am surfing, I come across this scene:
 Look familiar? Yep, it's the same chick in the same room, at the same hotel. The camera is just on the other side of the room. Now I am more than a little curious. So I go back to the first view.
Yep, there she is. They have taken that cover thing off the bed, but it is still her and she is obviously posing for someone.
There's the camera. By the way, I should mention that one of cameras was a couples account, the other was a single female. I'm guessing that means that they swing as a couple, and that she plays alone, too.  Very nice. Here's another pose:
And then the same moment from the other side of the room:
They took a little break, she texted with someone, then put on the next outfit.
She posed for a while in a variety of outfits. Each one more revealing than the last. Best of all, this whole, long show was absolutely free. This is the first time I have ever seen a two camera production, but at any given moment, somebody is doing some sort of a free show at Adult FriendFinder. These aren't pros. They are just couples and women who love to work out their exhibitionistic fantasies while the rest of us get to watch.


 When I dropped in on this horny couple they were happily spooning, watching others online, and letting us a get a nice show. At some point, hubby found a toy and slipped in his wife's hungry pussy.

 She was happy to let it buzz as she ground her mound into the mattress, then she moved to her knees, giving those of us who were watching a different angle.
 Then another angle yet. She worked that toy while hubby tapped at the keyboard.
 As you can see, hubby found his focus again, and dived right in.
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Woman Dresses Sexy for Her Webcam

As you can see, some women like to dress up a bit before they sit down at their webcams to play with others. This babe was alone, looking hot and feeling good. I and a few hundred others were feeling pretty good while we watched her, too.

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Hubby Looks for Fuck Buddies while Wife Gets Off on Webcam

Wifey gets herself off with a dildo, while hubby interacts with others on Adult Friendfinder. This is what I call a win-win. Wifey gets off, we get to watch, and - unless I miss my guess - they were able to find someone to play with for real. It pays to advertise!

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